There has been a growing focus and demand in personal care products for health, beauty, anti ageing, disease prevention etc. This has lead to growing demand for personal care chemicals which are functional ingredient used in formulation of cosmetics and personal hygiene products like creams, lotions, shampoos etc.

Duro Kimia suppliesĀ personal care ingredients with rigid quality standards, used in manufacturing of cosmetics, personal care and toiletry products. These personal care ingredients include preservatives (antimicrobial), specialty thickeners, specialty solvents, pH adjusters and other fine chemicals.


Personal care products are subject to microbial growth or undesirable chemical changes like degradation due to oxidation. This causes product spoilage and irritation or infection to skin. Preservatives prevent such problems, protect the product and maintain its efficacy over the intended product shelf life. Common chemicals used as preservatives are parabens, alcohols, halogenated formulation, and isothiozolinones. We offer a broad-spectrum preservative which is a non-irritant, rendering it safe for rinse-off as well as leave-on products. It is safe for baby product formulations; and is Halal and Kosher-status approved. Our preservatives are widely used in personal care products like shampoos, creams, body wash, baby products etc.


Our fragrance oils are imported from Grasse, France. We have a whole range for personal care products, perfumes and perfumers alcohol.


They are essential to maintain stability of the formulation and maintain the product efficacy. Neither excess acidity nor excess alkalinity, a balanced pH is required for effective and stable formulation. We offer all ranges of ethanolamines commonly used in personal care product formulations.


They are added to increase the viscosity / flow of personal care formulation thus leading to stability and better performance. Typical applications are in creams, shampoos etc. They are available in different molecular structures including waxes or silicones


Solvents have multiple functions in formulation of personal care chemicals. As many ingredients are not soluble in water, solvents or diluent help dissolve these active ingredients to form stable solution. It acts as a disinfectant, cleaner, fragrance etc. We supply Propylene Glycol, which is a very effective solvent used widely in personal care products. It attracts water and acts as a moisturizer, reducing skin flaking; plus it is non-allergic.


The usage of Glycerine helps retain moisture thus improving overall moisturizing properties of a cosmetic formulation.


Foam control is an important aspect in personal care formulation. Anti-foaming agents help to reduce and retard foam formation by acting on the air liquid surface and destabilizing it by rupturing the air bubble. We supply Silicone-based Antifoams which are highly effective in reducing foam, thus enables easier formulating and packaging.

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