Not all alcohols (ethanols) are designed for use in the cosmetic / fragrance industries, as they are denatured using unsuitable chemicals, which may be harmful to health.

At Duro Kimia, we are the supplier of alcohols (ethanol) manufactured using plant-based materials (from cane), using suitable and approved denaturants. The addition of denaturants makes the alcohol non-drinkable. Our alcohols are manufactured to the highest quality, which ensures the product has a neutral odour, making it suitable for end-products requiring very low odour ie. fragrances and cosmetics. There alcohols are also known as perfume grade alcohols and are safe for use.

We supply these alcohols solely for the purpose for cosmetic and perfume making (perfume-grade), so rest assured that you are getting the best quality for your products.

Our alcohols come in several packing sizes – 1kg, 25kg and 200kg.

For more information regarding the Perfumer’s Alcohol, feel free to contact us via the form below or call us at (+6) 03 7806 1081.

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