Cleaning chemicals are used in homes, industries and public places daily, offering improvements in both hygiene and overall quality of life. What are the raw materials used for effective and efficient cleaning compounds? Have you ever thought about the safety and effective of the raw materials used?

Duro Kimia is among the cleaning chemical supplier offering comprehensive range of chemical raw materials used in formulations of household cleaners, industrial cleaners and institutional cleaners. They can be categorized based on their function or usage as below:

    We supply highly effective broad-spectrum biocides against bacteria, viruses, pathogenic fungi and other microorganisms. Our biocides are used as in-can preservatives for cleaning chemicals. It is also approved as a High Level Disinfectant in hospitals to disinfectant hospital equipment and surrounding areas. We offer biocides which are biodegradable and friendly to the environment.

    They are Surface Active Agents which enhance the cleaning power of water by lowering the surface tension, thus enabling the cleaning solution to easily penetrate the surface and remove the dirt. We offer a range of Non-Ionic Surfactants.

    Basically industrial degreasers to remove impurities which are not soluble in water. The formulation is extremely effective in removing mineral oil / grease contamination. Some solvents perform as Emulsifiers to keep oil dirt suspend which can be separated later. We supply both commodity and specialty solvents for a wide range of cleaning applications.

    Silicone emulsions acts as a shine booster and provides lasting protection against damage to household products and car care products. Besides that, they are also used as anti-foaming agents in cleaning formulations.

Our cleaning chemicals are used in diverse applications, few of them are: –


  • Floor Cleaner

  • Kitchen Cleaner / Dish Washing Liquid

  • Glass Cleaner

  • Carpet Cleaner

  • Laundry Detergent

  • Car Care Products


  • Industrial Floor Cleaner

  • Degreasing Agent

  • Disinfectants


  • Hospitals – Cleaning Formulations and High Level Disinfectants

  • Hotels – General Cleaners, Laundry and Carpet Cleaning, Odour Removal

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