Duro Kimia Sdn Bhd is a Regional Chemical Distributor of a Wide Range of Chemical Ingredients

The company’s diverse product lines include biocides / preservatives, antifoams, fragrances, specialty solvents, silicone oils and emulsions, specialty thickeners, amines, disinfectants etc.

Water Treatment

Our biodegradable biocides deliver superior performance for complete water system control.

Paint and Coating

Low VOC, Non-HAP alternatives offer solvent solutions for your compliant coating needs.

Household & Personal Care

Fragrances and broad-spectrum formaldehyde-free preservatives for safer product formulation.

Animal Health Biosecurity

Non-oxidising biocide that is effective against microorganism but non-corrosive to farm equipments.


  • Comprehensive range of chemicals to meet your application demands

  • Specialty chemicals for applications ranging from Animal Biosecurity to Oil and Gas

  • Chemicals that meet highest quality standards

  • Reliable delivery services

  • Personalized service and customized solutions

  • You get to work with a team that is committed to provide optimized solutions to all our customers’ need