The processes involved in Oil and Gas fields range from downhole, pipeline and the processing facility. This field requires an extensive range of industrial chemicals with various functions. One of the critical problems in the oilfield industry that leads to corrosion and reduced productivity is the microbial activity.

Duro Kimia supplies a comprehensive range of oil and gas water treatment chemicals which help protect the equipment and maintain production efficiency.


The oilfield industry requires a wide range of chemicals which perform various functions that influence performance and protection. The chemicals that are commonly used are:

  • Biocides
    Biocides that are effective and commonly used in oilfield include Glutaraldehyde, THPS and Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. Biocide is one of the important constituent of completion fluid. Water injected during the drilling process needs biocides to control and kill the bacteria responsible for generation of Hydrogen Sulfide and corrosion. H2S is the major culprit which lead to foul odor, souring and corrosion.
  • Oxygen scavenger
    They remove dissolved oxygen which otherwise will lead to corrosion caused by formation of acid. They are used in oil and gas water treatment in the pipeline and production facility.
    Hydrazine, sodium bisulfite are some common chemicals used for the formulation.

  • Corrosion inhibitor
    Corrosion if left untreated may lead to breakage of equipment and hence the need for frequent replacement. This increases the overall cost of maintenance and replacement.  Careful selection of corrosion inhibitor is important and it all depends upon the cause. For example, if the corrosion is due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide then amines, nitrites or peroxides are effective.

  • Scale inhibitors

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