Water Treatment

Water treatment chemicals are indispensable in all chemical industries.  They are essential not only as performance chemical to reduce operational problems caused by microorganisms and other factors; but also as waste water treatment to reuse and recycle industrial waste water and effluent.

Duro Kimia supplies a comprehensive range of water treatment chemicals that span across diverse industrial applications. They can be categorized based on their function or usage as below:

  • Biocides
    These are bactericides to control bacteria that cause corrosion, foul smell and heavy slime.

  • Antifoaming Agents
    They assist waste water treatment by either preventing foam formation.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
    Over period of time corrosion leads to damage of process equipment. Corrosion inhibitors are used to counter corrosion caused by liquid or gases.

The water treatment chemicals that we supply cover diverse industrial applications, few of them are:

  • Cooling Towers
    The surface of cooling tower is most important for heat transfer efficiency. It should be free of scaling, corrosion and microbial fouling.
    We offer water treatment chemicals for cooling towers such as biocides, anti-scaling agents and corrosion inhibitors.

  • Oil & Gas
    Oilfield pipelines and equipments are subject to bacterial growth, scaling and corrosion.
    Our oilfield water treatment chemicals include biocides such as Glutaraldehyde and THPS, while we offer DBNPA for hydrotesting.
  • RO Membrane Water Treatment
    We offer non-oxidizing biocides (DBNPA) for RO membrane water treatment which are safe and non-corrosive.
  • Waste Water Treatment
    Chemical that we offer for this application is Silicone-based Antifoam / Defoamer.
  • Pulp and Paper