When we look around us, we find objects made of various materials (steel, plastic, wood etc), painted and coated with purpose of aesthetics and protection.

Paint formulation ingredients are selected based on the purpose of coating and the type of surface.

Below are a few applications along with the common paint and coating chemicals.


Architectural and Wood Paints
This is the most common application of paint, which we apply to the interior and exterior of residences, offices, institutional buildings and industrial units.
Besides that, furnitures, fixtures, floor and other wooden articles inside buildings require wood paint for decorative as well as protection purposes.

Marine and Industrial Paints
These are special purpose paint and coating applied to metals or substrates that are subjected to corrosive or extreme weather conditions. Examples include chemical plants, bridges, power plants and marine coating for commercial ships for protection of surfaces above and below the water line).

Coil Coating
Equipment and machine manufacturers need not have separate paint facility if they get pre coated metal sheets or coils. The end user not only save on material, energy, manpower but also get uniform quality coating on coil to be used for equipment production.
Anti corrosion, water resistance, UV protection coatings are some example of ingredients used.

Automotive Paints
These are also special purpose paint and coating for metals, plastics and alloys used for manufacturing of automobiles, railways and aircrafts. This industry includes both OEM and refinish segment.

Inks and Fountain solutions
Printing ink is a combination of solvent, pigment, dye and water. The physical properties like surface tension, viscosity, adhesion, chemical stability are important while storage and application. The fountain solution chemistry decides the printing clarity, clean background, pH and compatibility of ingredients.


Successive developments in paint and coating formulation have led to exhaustive list of chemicals, either simple or complex. We are a coating chemicals supplier for a wide range of chemicals used in such formulations. Chemicals that we offer are: –