POLYOX™ Water-Soluble Resins [Polyethylene Oxide]

Duro Kimia is the supplier of POLYOX™ WSR in Malaysia.

POLYOX™ WSR are non-ionic, ultrahigh molecular weight poly (ethylene oxide) polymers. This novelty item has many unique properties and available in various grades. The material comes in off-white powder form. Properties exhibit by these polymers are such as – thickening, lubricity, binding, water retention and film formation.

The POLYOX™ WSR is a trademark of DOW Chemical – DuPont.


  • Ultra high molecular weight (Ranges from 100,000 – 8,000,000)

  • Thickening of formulations

  • Low toxicity

  • High degree of wet tack

  • Thermoplastic material – readily extruded, injection molded and cast

  • Lubricity, drag reduction and drift control

  • Available in standard and NF Grades


POLYOX Water-Soluble Resins have a unique array of properties that could add value to your existing formulations. Listed below are the advantages in each different sectors when POLYOX is introduced:

  • AGRICULTURE – Seed coatings, seed tape, water-soluble packaging, agricultural drift control

  • AQUEOUS DRAG REDUCTION AND DRIFT CONTROL – Fire-fighting additive, storm sewers

  • BUILDING AND CONTRUCTIONS – Paints & coatings, cements & concrete, asbestos cement extrusion aid, paint and varnish removers, concrete pumping


  • ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS – Batteries, fibre optics, cable, wires, fluorescent lamp

  • HOUSEHOLD – Detergent liquids, floor cleaners

  • MINING – Reduced spontaneous combustion of coal

  • PAPER – Tail-tie paper adhesives, tissue and toweling adhesives, flocculation and paper fines retention

  • PERSONAL CARE AND COSMETICS – Hair care & skin care products, shaving products, oral care products

  • PHAMACEUTICALS – Modified release of active ingredients, mucosal bioadhesives

Physical Properties

Melt Flow Temperature (°C)> 98
Volatiles Content, % by weight (at 105°C)> 1.0
Alkaline Earth Metals, % by weight as CaO , max1.0
Powder Bulk Density (kg/m3)304 - 593
Moisture Content, as Packaged (%)< 1
Solution pH8 - 10
Particle Size (% by weight) - Average through 10-mesh100
Particle Size (% by weight) - Average through 20-mesh96