SAG 630

Duro Kimia is Momentive Performance Materials’ supplier / distributor of their high quality Silicone Antifoam Emulsion SAG 630.

SAG 630 is an industrial grade, general purpose antifoam, and is an excellent candidate for foam control in aqueous systems. It is very stable and easy to handle. SAG 630 works exceptionally well in systems requiring excellent knockdown and durability. Only low concentration is needed to sharply reduce the foam created, thereby cutting down processing time and allows maximum capacity production. It is a cost-effective way to develop foam-free formulations.

Key Features

  • Reliable

  • Durable

  • Cost effective

  • Effective dispersibility

  • Oil-free dilution

  • Excellent stability

Physical Properties

Solid Content38% by weight
Viscosity at 25˚C (after stirring)1000cps
pH (at 25˚C)7.5
Density at 25˚C, g/cm31.0
Suitable diluentWater


Typical applications that SAG 630 is used in: –

  • Textile sizing, dyeing, scouring and finishing

  • Water treatment

  • Agricultural formulations

  • Adhesive and glue

  • Rubber and latex processing

  • Specialty chemical formulations (heavy duty detergents and alkaline cleaners)

  • Paper making and finishing

  • Amine scrubbing / glycol dehydrators

  • Metal etching solution

  • Leather tanning

  • Water-based cutting and cooling fluids

*Packing size: 20kg carboy

Other Grades Available