SAG 7133

Duro Kimia is the supplier of the specialty Silicone Antifoam SAG 7133 for natural gas processing from Momentive Performance Materials.

SAG 7133 is an industrial grade antifoaming agent, excellent in controlling foam in amine and glycol dehydration units. It has excellent stability in the presence of salts, which reduces deposits on the plants’ equipment. It helps control foam under severe conditions of a dehydrating unit. Gas plants using SAG 7133 can benefit from a longer service life, hence reducing the cost of maintenance.

Key Features

  • Quick foam knockdown

  • Excellent durability

  • Excellent stability at high temperatures

  • Low use concentrations

  • Reduced clogging and scaling in the heat exchangers

  • Easy dilution

Physical Properties

Chemical NatureEmulsion of a silicone antifoam compound
AppearanceWhite, homogeneous, slightly viscous liquid
Viscosity (at 25˚C)60 cSt
Active Ingredients (%)10
Specific Gravity at 25˚/25˚C1
Emulsion TypeNon-ionic
Suitable DiluentsWater


Typical applications that SAG 7133 is used in: –

  • Agricultural formulations

  • Water-based cutting and cooling fluids

  • Water treatment

  • Glycol dehydrators / Amine scrubbing

  • Chemical and petroleum processing

  • Gas sweetening

  • Specialty chemical formulations (heavy duty detergents and alkaline cleaners)

  • Textile sizing, dyeing, scouring and finishing

  • Adhesive and glue

  • Printing

  • Rubber and latex processing

*Packing size: 20kg carboy / 200kg drum

Other Grades Available