Duro Kimia is the supplier of a range of Quarternary Ammonium Compounds (QUATS).

The quaternary ammonium compounds are a group of ammonium salts which exhibits anti-microbial properties and surfactant capabilities.

Disinfectants that utilizes QUATS as an active ingredient are widely used. It is particularly effective against most vegetative bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses by the act of disrupting cell membrane or viral envelope which eventually leads to lysis. Its surface wetting activity and compatibility with other cleaning formulations allows for the ease of removal of stubborn organic materials.

The QUATS is perfect as an ingredient in low toxicity products that combine cleaning and disinfecting.


  • Good stability and toxicology

  • Induces wetting properties and surface activity

  • Mild odour

  • Non-corrosive

  • Classified as a low level disinfectant by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Activity may be inhibited by water hardness


  • Household disinfectant and sanitization

  • Sterilization of medical equipments

  • Fabric softeners

  • Phase transfer catalysts

  • Active ingredient for conditioning agent

  • Pigment dispersants

  • Phase Transfer Catalyst


Here are the available Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. Click on each to learn more on their properties:

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