If you are a manufacturing plant or conducting your own home-based fragrance business, and are looking for a reliable partner in supplying you your fragrance oils, look no further!

We, at Duro Kimia supply the highest quality alcohol free fragrance / perfume oils from France. Our fragrance oils are imported directly from Grasse, France, a place known as France’s centre of perfume industry, as well as the fragrance capital of the world! By having such a title, it is only natural that fragrance oils imported from there are of the best quality, to hold up to their name!

Duro Kimia has been a chemical trading company since 1982. By being so, we have the capacity to import our fragrance oils in a large quantity at wholesale prices. Because of this, we are able to supply to our customers (you!) high quality fragrance oils but at low prices! This is equivalent to hitting two birds with one stone!

Our forte in fragrance oils is in supplying “inspired” international fine fragrances! Our supplier is one of the fragrance houses in France which caters to some of the popular international best sellers! So you can be assured that our fragrance oils are almost identical to what is available in the market.

The fragrance oils that we carry comes in original, undiluted form. They also do not contain alcohol, so rest assured to all our Muslim clients who manufacture perfumes without alcohol. So whether you are looking for those classic fragrances or the hottest trending ones in the market, we have them all! Click here to view the list.

The pros of our fragrance / perfume oils:

  • Original from France
  • Highest quality
  • Identical to the international best sellers
  • Non-alcohol
  • Undiluted
  • Long lasting

We supply in bulk, even in small quantities as low as 1kg. Yes, we try to accommodate all customers, whether big or small. All customers are important to us! Just give us a call and let us know what are you looking for. We will try our very best to help you with all your needs!