Silicone Emulsion LE-45 HV

Duro Kimia is Momentive Performance Materials’ supplier / distributor for Silicone Emulsion LE-45 HV.

Silicone Emulsion LE-45 HV is a non-ionic, polydimethylsiloxane fluid. It has a higher viscosity than LE-45 AP. Because it is a non-ionic aqueous system, it has good stability and dilution in water. Commonly used as a release agent and lubricant.

Among the many features and benefits are: –

  • Excellent stability

  • Easy dilution in water

  • Non-flammable

  • Low surface energy

  • Improves gloss and rub-out properties

  • Cost effective

  • Can be used directly or diluted to preferred concentration

  • Excellent lubricity

Physical Properties

Physical StateLiquid
AppearanceMilky White
Non-volatile content (%)38
pH @ 25°C7.0
Viscosity<10 cps
Emulsion typeNon-ionic


  • Lubricants and release agents

  • Dipped latex products, rubber and plastic molding

  • Polishes (automotive, furniture)

  • Cleaners (glass, leather, vinyl)

  • Textile industries

*Packing size: 20kg carboy

Other Silicone Emulsion grades available