Duro Kimia distributes Dow Chemical’s high quality Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) LO+ solvent.

DPG LO+ is of high-purity, specially designed for use in odor sensitive applications such as fragrances and cosmetics. The material, a distilled product with a purity greater than 99.5% as Dipropylene Glycol, is a liquid that is odourless, water soluble and hygroscopic.

DPG LO+ was developed to meet the needs of formulators who require a very consistent high quality chemical for their fragrances and personal care products. It also gives excellent co-solvency for water, oils and hydrocarbons, with minimal odor, low skin irritation, low toxicity and consistent isomer distributor, making it perfect for: –

  • Colognes and Perfumes

  • Skin Care Creams, Lotions and Sun-Care Products

  • Deodorants / Antiperspirants

  • Hair Care Products

  • Shaving Products

  • Bath and Shower Products