Dipropylene Glycol Regular Grade

Duro Kimia is a supplier /distributor of Dow Chemical’s high quality Dipropylene Glycol Regular Grade (DPG) solvent. Dipropylene Glycol Regular Grade is a co-product from the manufacture of Monopropylene Glycol. DPG is a distilled product which has a purity of greater than 99%.

It is a liquid that is colorless, practically odorless, water soluble, medium viscosity and hygroscopic with low vapor pressure and low toxicity.

With its great solvency,Dipropylene Glycol Regular Grade is a choice of chemical intermediate in many industries, such as: –

  • Urethanes

  • Paint and Coatings

  • Printing Inks

  • Hydraulic Brake Fluids

  • Cutting oils

  • Textile Lubricants

  • Industrial Soaps

  • Solvents in Agriculture Chemicals (Insecticides)

*Packing size: 215kg drum