Duro Kimia supplies the highest purity of N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone [Electronics Grade] in Malaysia.

The N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) is a versatile chemical solvent that is used in a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. It is a clear, colourless liquid that is miscible with water and many other organic solvents.

One of the key properties of NMP is its ability to dissolve a wide range of materials, including polar and non-polar compounds. This makes it an ideal solvent for a variety of applications, such as removal of paint and coatings, electronics cleaning, and the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

In the paint and coating industry, NMP is commonly used as a paint stripper. It is effective at dissolving and removing multiple layers of paint, varnish, and other coatings from a variety of surfaces. NMP is also used in the electronics industry as a cleaning agent for electronic components, as it is able to effectively remove flux residues and other contaminants.

In the pharmaceutical industry, NMP is used as a solvent for the production of active ingredients and excipients. It is also used in the formulation of transdermal patches and other drug delivery systems. In the agrochemical industry, NMP is used as a solvent for the production of pesticides and herbicides.

NMP is also used in the production of a wide range of industrial and consumer products, such as adhesives, inks and cellulose fibers.

Despite its widespread use in industry, NMP has been identified as a potential environmental and health hazard. If you looking for a greener, better health and environmental chemistry, you may consider our range of Acetal compounds. One particular candidate as a suitable substitute to the NMP is the 2,5,7,10-Tetraoxaundecane (TOU).


  • Colour: Clear, Colourless

  • Powerful, aprotic solvent with high solvency and low volatility

  • Thermal stability – high boiling and high flash point

  • Miscible with water at all temperatures


  • Electronics
    Used in the electronics industry as a photoresist stripper. It also has a widespread acceptance as a solvent in semi-aqueous defluxing, degreasing and coatings (poly-amide, epoxy and polyurethane).

  • Graffiti Removers

  • Agriculture
    The industry takes advantage of NMP’s solvency in handling herbicide, pesticide and fungicide formulations.

  • Pharmaceuticals
    NMP is used in pharmaceutical synthetic procedure because of its broad solvency. One potential use for NMP is as a dermal penetration enhancer for pharmaceuticals.

  • Consumer and Industrial Cleaners
    NMP is an effective stripping agent used in floor stripping, cleaning of ovens and as paint strippers. Due to its high solvency., it is used in automotive and industrial cleaners with other hydrocarbon solvents.

  • Coatings Solvent
    A powerful solvent for most commercial resins. With its high boiling point and excellent solvent power, NMP extends and improves the properties of high temperature bake coatings. For example, high solid binders are more easily obtained with NMP as the solvent. Quite often, baked finishes yield coatings with outstanding mechanical and dielectric properties. NMP also aids rheological control: better flow and leveling, less cratering and pin-hole defects. NMP has been shown to be highly effective in many high temperature coating applications. It is also a preferred solvent for urethane dispersion and an excellent coalescent for acrylic and styrene acrylic latexes.

  • Petrochemical Processing

  • Miscellaneous Solvent Applications
    NMP can serve as a co-solvent with water, aromatic/chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, glycol ethers and ketones.

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