E-Juice Flavour Concentrate

Duro Kimia is the distributor of concentrated flavouring, one of the raw materials used for the brewing of e-cigarettes. Our flavours are uniquely crafted and evaluated by our R&D flavourists in France, where they are ISO 9001 certified so you are assured of the quality.

Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection no longer applies here. Raw ingredients are rigorously selected to ensure premium quality and through a controlled “Quality Control” laboratory, the finest flavours are produced.

By mixing our flavour concentrate with your skills in brewing up an e-liquid concoction of Propylene Glycol (USP) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), you will leave your customers spellbound over your final e-liquid product.

Check out the range of our e-liquid flavour concentrate.

Key Features

  • Conform with European food flavours regulations 1334/2008

  • Do not contain colorants nor preservatives, nor Diacetyle

  • Without CMR (Carcinogen – Mutagen – Reprotoxic)

  • All flavours are strictly controlled by our “Quality Control” laboratory